Our Mission

“Aspire to provide quality training, development and education for the benefit of the individual, community, project and the sport as a whole”

Core / Strategic Objective

To provide an environment where young people can express themselves and enjoy football development, social inclusion, training and education.

Provide a model pathway for learning and development for young people such that the opportunity for quality and committed youngsters can progress and achieve their goals.

To maximise the potential of talented individuals in the community that are hard to reach and/or disadvantaged.

We will endeavour to facilitate the provision of the best playing amenities and equipment available to us in line with the growth of sport.

We will strive to provide an opportunity for young players of different abilities to participate in our projects and the organisation will seek to compete at the highest possible level.

We will encourage and promote the development of football within the community and the surrounding area in a safe and secure environment.

Develop young people as responsible adults with an awareness of their responsibilities to each other with mutual respect for others.

Develop and teach the youth to understand the benefits to be gained in a healthy lifestyle, diet, drug awareness, education and codes of conduct.

To develop relationships with parents, schools and other professional organisations that is concerned with the needs of young people individually and collectively.